making a healthier me

just over 6 months ago, i decided that i was fed up with the extra weight i put on in grad school and fed up with being out of shape and unhappy in my own skin. on september 7, 2012 i logged onto myfitnesspal for the first time – i am not even positive how i found out about it. i think i was just looking for a website to track calories and found it by googling. i used slim fast’s website for a food diary the first time in my life i lost weight, during my senior year of college, but didn’t really like the site.

myfitnesspal is amazing. everyone’s different, but it has been fantastic for me. it has been the single biggest factor in my weight loss – 23 pounds so far – and after 6 months, i can’t imagine ever not logging my food and exercise.

on september 7th, i got started at 175 pounds. i didn’t take measurements right at the start – the first measurements i took were on october 10th (i had lost 3 pounds at that point). on that date, my measurements were:

natural waist: 33
low waist: 39
hips: 44
thigh: 26

today, i weigh 152 (13% loss) pounds and my measurements are:

natural waist: 30 (9%)
low waist: 33 (15%)
hips: 41 (7%)
thigh: 24 (8%)
*body fat: 26.9%

*i have no idea what my body fat percentage was to start. using online calculators, my guesstimate is roughly 30-31%. i had it measured at my gym and it was 26.9% a couple weeks ago, which aligned with one online calculator – so i used that online one to figure out that 30% was my starting body fat percentage.

my original goal was to reach somewhere between 135 and 145 pounds. once i am comfortably in the 140’s, i am less concerned about my weight and more concerned with making my body look better and improving my overall numbers (such as measurements and body fat). i have read the stories of several women who lost weight to their goal but were “skinny fat” and then started weightlifting. most of them gained weight but continued losing inches and becoming more toned/sculpted. my goal body fat percentage is 23%.

exercise is something that is becoming a bigger part of my life. in 2011 i got into running for the first time, and ran three 5k’s that summer. once winter hit, i stopped running. last summer with our big move, i didn’t really do much running. i started again this winter and signed up for a 10k – pretty much on a whim – and knew being registered would help keep me motivated to get into a training program. it was then that i decided to get a gym membership so i couldn’t use the weather as an excuse anymore. i also decided then to enter the lottery for a half marathon that will take place on my 29th birthday – and i got in! the 10k is perfectly aligned with my training for the half marathon. that race is in 3 weeks and i am up to 5 miles on my long weekend runs, so i should be in good shape to run 6.1 in 3 weeks. my goal for the 10k is to run the entire time with a time of 1:15:00 or less. my goal for the half is to run the whole time and finish, but using an online pace estimator my goal is to come in around 3 hours.

i had intended to write a post once i reach my goal weight, but i decided that i wanted to document where i am today and have something to look back on.


About Liv

i have a lot of hobbies. i cook and bake – usually, from scratch. i paint, though not as often as I would like. i love to make pottery on the wheel, though this hobby fell by the wayside while I was in grad school. now that I’ve finished, I’m looking forward to potentially getting back into ceramics and devoting more time and energy to all of my hobbies. my mom got me hooked on refinishing garage sale or thrift shop furniture into beautiful, rich pieces for the home. and my true love is crochet – i love the feeling of achievement in taking a ball of yarn and a hook and turning it into a beautiful afghan or purse or set of coasters. in some way or another, all of these hobbies center around making things – thus, creation nation.
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