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spaghetti squash, where have you been all my life?

i have had “try spaghetti squash” on my to-do list for at least 3 years, but for some reason have never gotten around to it. UNTIL NOW. and man, have i been missing out! this stuff is awesome! even the … Continue reading

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because i needed another scarf

really, i swear (*cough*). ok, so i didn’t, but i started this scarf last winter and then abandoned it for months, so i thought it was time to finish it off. there was just enough yarn left to make a … Continue reading

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mission accomplished

significant progress has been made since my last post! i ended up calling the shawl finished after one more row, because it was getting really large. wove in the ends, and voila! a shawl to keep me warm on chilly … Continue reading

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it never fails

when i am 90% finished with a crochet project, i become obsessed with starting something new. this leads to a whole lot of wip’s and not a lot of finished products. i am currently working on a big shawl to … Continue reading

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happy spooktoberween!

so, the fella and i love us some halloween. this year, we went to a party at the home of some friends from college. they host a party each year with a different decade as the theme. this year was … Continue reading

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