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everything’s better with chocolate

or so says the fella. while i love to experiment and try new recipes, he wishes i would just stick with chocolate chip cookies. always. every time i bake. but it’s autumn, darnit, and that means PUMPKIN! tomorrow a friend … Continue reading

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wonders never cease

i made something with banana, that is kind of healthy (compared to most of the things i bake)…and the fella actually likes it. he actually came out into the kitchen when it was done so he could try it (normally … Continue reading

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here’s your pro tip for the day

if you make the spiced caramel apple cider cookies, don’t forget that you are supposed to cool them on the parchment paper on the counter, and not on a wire rack.   whoops.

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i wish smell-o-vision were real

and that it had been adapted for computers. that way, i could share with you the smell of these delicious, amazing, cookies! the pictures do not even remotely do them justice. the recipe is yet another pinterest find, and they … Continue reading

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is there anything cream cheese doesn’t make better?

if so, i haven’t found it. i failed yet again to eat all the bananas before they started to turn brown. but i have been getting restless with banana muffins and banana bread. the crumb topping helped with the last … Continue reading

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cedar chest

last winter, a colleague gave me a beautiful cedar chest that needed a new home. it was in pretty rough shape with some water rings, nail polish, and other stains. but all the damage was surface-level so it just needed … Continue reading

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