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beware of flying erasers

one of my junior high teachers used to throw chalkboard erasers at students who were misbehaving. this sort of thing would probably result in a lawsuit in this day and age, but we just rolled with it – mainly because … Continue reading

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who says pumpkin = dessert?

pretty much every fall, i become obsessed with making things with pumpkin. the pumpkin marathon started a little earlier than normal this year but i figured i might as well start strong! but i just made pumpkin cupcakes and still … Continue reading

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mission accomplished

hipster squares ftw! tonight i finished the afghan i started last fall! i am 75% satisfied with the final product. i screwed up the corners and didn’t realize it until it would really complicate things to fix it. i made … Continue reading

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i baked with pumpkin. therefore, it is autumn.

granted, it may still be august, but i was just ready…ok? our new upstairs neighbor gal moved in this week, so the fella and i wanted to bake her a “welcome to the ‘hood” treat. i know she loooooooooves the … Continue reading

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these are some crumby muffins

it’s really too bad that mike doesn’t like baked goods with banana, because it’s probably what i make more frequently than anything else. it’s so tough to buy the exact right number of bananas at the exact level of ripeness … Continue reading

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