two pretzels were walking down the street. one was assaulted.

so i’m starting to see a trend…i don’t start my new job until july 16th, and we’re mostly unpacked…so i am spending practically every waking moment baking something! this is not going to help my plan to lose the weight i gained in grad school. but tonight i saw a pinned recipe for hot buttered pretzels – one of the fella’s favorite treats – so i just had to make them. he was cranky today after an unsuccessful trip to the dmv and errand-running on a sprained ankle, so i figure he deserves a little pampering!

these were surprisingly easy to make. i was a little concerned about the process for making the dough – just dumping all the ingredients in (including the yeast and water) and mixing – but it worked pretty well, actually! i mixed the dough with a wooden spoon and kneaded by hand, and that worked just fine – the dough was great to work with, not sticky at all. i thought the end product tasted a little yeasty, but mike disagreed. i will definitely be making these again!


About Liv

i have a lot of hobbies. i cook and bake – usually, from scratch. i paint, though not as often as I would like. i love to make pottery on the wheel, though this hobby fell by the wayside while I was in grad school. now that I’ve finished, I’m looking forward to potentially getting back into ceramics and devoting more time and energy to all of my hobbies. my mom got me hooked on refinishing garage sale or thrift shop furniture into beautiful, rich pieces for the home. and my true love is crochet – i love the feeling of achievement in taking a ball of yarn and a hook and turning it into a beautiful afghan or purse or set of coasters. in some way or another, all of these hobbies center around making things – thus, creation nation.
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