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when life gives you overripe bananas, make cookies

i buy bananas in a 3 lb. package at sam’s club because it’s still cheaper than buying fewer at the grocery store. the problem is i can rarely eat 3 lbs. of bananas before they get too ripe, and the … Continue reading

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no more scraped cookie bottoms for this gal

instead of participating in this today (st. patrick’s day): i bought this: and baked some cookies. i don’t have a good spatula for lifting cookies off the cookie sheet and onto the wire rack, and i have been coveting one … Continue reading

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this has nothing to do with creating things

but i don’t have a blog about my everyday life, so this will have to do. i just went for a run for the first time in ages – it’s in the low 60’s, sunny, and beautiful outside so after … Continue reading

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memory lane

when i was little, my grandma and mom used to make homemade play doh…there’s something so much more exciting about play doh when it’s homemade! so when i saw a pin on pinterest with “the best play doh recipe” i … Continue reading

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where did you find dutch apples?

this is my dad’s clever joke when he heard i made dutch apple pie tonight. well, i used fiji apples so i suppose this is really tropical dutch apple pie? in any case, the last couple times we’ve gone to … Continue reading

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