a new one for the repertoire

so, we’re going to start with a little bit of background. when i worked at the group home in college, we had this great recipe for shrimp and sausage paella using chorizo sausage. the whole time we lived in cleveland, i could never find it at our regular grocery store and always meant to make a trip to a nicer store to look for it…three years later, i moved to lansing without having done so. for the last year, i have done the same thing. then, at our normal grocery store one day, i see this little side case i’ve never noticed with a bunch of sausage. lo and behold! i excitedly told mike, whose response was “yeah, i know…didn’t you know that was there?” he thought he had told me about it because he knew of my never-ending quest to find chorizo sausage, but never did (trust me, i would have remembered).

so, i bought some yesterday and made the dish for the first time in four years. as delicious as i remembered, even if i was too much of a cheapskate to buy the $15 saffron the recipe calls for. however, i only used half the chorizo so i wanted to find another recipe to use the rest. i also have a red bell pepper that has been patiently waiting to be cooked. i got an idea for some baked mac and cheese using both, and turned to the interwebs for a recipe. however, i didn’t find any that called for both or sounded quite right, so i did a little improvising. i found a basic recipe for baked mac and cheese that didn’t have any extras and just used that for the white sauce recipe. i added the red bell pepper, chorizo, and some bread crumbs and voila! it was absolutely delicious. i am so excited to have found a new dish that both mike and i love! this will definitely become a “regular”.

as a sidenote, please observe the period outside the quotations on the previous sentence. i just read an article on slate about whether the period should be inside or outside the quotation marks; for someone who is a bit of a punctuation/grammar fiend (even if i don’t always use it properly on this blog), i have always struggled with that one. turns out, it is the british style to put the period outside and the american style to put it inside; however, even in american style, you put other punctuation, like question marks, outside the quotations. that’s probably why i could never keep it straight. anyway, i studied abroad in england for a year so i will be adopting the british style and that will be my excuse if anyone gives me a hard time about it. 🙂

the finished product

About Liv

i have a lot of hobbies. i cook and bake – usually, from scratch. i paint, though not as often as I would like. i love to make pottery on the wheel, though this hobby fell by the wayside while I was in grad school. now that I’ve finished, I’m looking forward to potentially getting back into ceramics and devoting more time and energy to all of my hobbies. my mom got me hooked on refinishing garage sale or thrift shop furniture into beautiful, rich pieces for the home. and my true love is crochet – i love the feeling of achievement in taking a ball of yarn and a hook and turning it into a beautiful afghan or purse or set of coasters. in some way or another, all of these hobbies center around making things – thus, creation nation.
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